Odia Essay – Odia Essays For Students in the Oriya Language

Odia Essay – If are you looking for the Odia Essay or Oriya Essay and you are a candidate of primary, secondary, higher secondary schools, and colleges, you will find here thousands of Odia Essays in Oriya Languages. The Odia Essay will helpful for any type of competitive exams like SSC, OSSC, UPSC, etc.

Odia Essay For Students

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Odia Essay on the Oriya Language: The Essential Odia Essays (Odia Rachana) are intended to meet the growing demand of the pupils in Primary, secondary, higher secondary schools and colleges. Conscious efforts have been made to carefully choose the essays on a variety of subjects that are well within the knowledge and experience range of the pupils. DownloadOdia Books PDF.

The Odia essays have been presented in an interesting way in a simple, plain, and idiomatic language containing vocabulary and structural expressions they are familiar with. Meanings of difficult words supposed to be above their vocabulary horizons have been given in their mother tongue. The purpose is to enrich their vocabulary so as to enable them to express their feelings and thoughts in a better way.

It is important to know that an Odia essay (Odia Rachana) is not always a complete account of the subject matter. In fact, there are no rules about how long or short an Odia essay should be. The pupils at the secondary level are, however, supposed to write an essay in 250 to 300 words on the suggested outlines. All that is important is that the essay must be interesting, well-presented, and free of errors.

Benefits of Writing Essays

Three kinds of essays namely descriptive, narrative and reflective have been dealt with in this book with a view to giving the pupils an idea about how each of such essays can be written with ease and facility. Writing an essay on a given topic needs careful planning and appropriate communicative skills.

Pupils are advised to develop each point of the given outlines into a paragraph in their own words. They may, however, show their ability to write sentences containing clauses, phrases, and other elements they learned somewhere. What is significant is that the use of such phrases, words, and clauses should be appropriate and relevant to the topic.

The beginning paragraph of the essay should be impressive and aim at introducing the topic sustaining the interest of the readers. The last paragraph should sum up the writer’s views on the topic and should equally be lively and impressive. Each paragraph should contain one thought and should lead to the next one. All the paragraphs taken together should be a composite whole instead of being segregated parts.

Last but not the least, meticulous care should be taken to revise the Odia essay to correct the errors and to weed out irrelevant points. Letter writing, on the other hand, calls for a different skill. Its importance is always felt in our everyday life when we need to write personal letters to friends and relatives, business letters to industrial.


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