List of Biggest, Highest, Largest, Longest & Deepest in India & the World

Facts on the biggest, largest, longest, smallest are very interesting to know for every student. It is very necessary for Gk sections of many competitive examinations such as MBA, UPSC, Bank-Po, SNAP, TISS, etc.

Students should know the biggest, largest, longest, smallest in India and the world so that they can score maximum in Gk. So here, the list below contains both the biggest, largest, longest, shortest in India and the world.

List of Biggest, Highest, Largest, Longest & Deepest in the world

S.No Type Place
1 Longest River Nile
2 Deepest Lake Lake Baikal
3 Deepest Ocean Pacific Ocean
4 Driest Place in the World Atacama Desert
5 Highest Mountain Peak in the World Mt Everest
6 Highest Mountain Range Himalayas
7 Highest Plateau in the World Tibetan plateau
8 Longest Railway Trans-Siberian Railway
9 Longest Railway Station Grand Central Terminal, Chicago
10 Longest Railway Platform Gorakhpur (Uttar Pradesh)
11 Longest Railway Bridge in the World Danyang–Kunshan Grand Bridge
12 Longest Canal in World Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal
13 Longest Wall Great wall of China
14 Largest Zoo Kruger National Park, South Africa
15 Largest Bird Ostrich
16 Largest Delta Sunderban Delta, W Bengal
17 Largest City in terms of Population Tokyo
18 Largest Continent Asia
19 Largest (Population) Country China
20 Largest (Electorate) Country India
21 Largest Creature Blue Whale
22 Largest Desert Sahara
23 Largest Dam Three Gorges Dam
24 Largest Epic in the World Mahabharat
25 Largest Island Greenland
26 Largest Library in the World United State Library of Congress, Washington DC
27 Largest Sea-bird Albatross
28 Largest River(deepest) in the Worlds Amazon
29 Tallest Animal in the World Giraffe
30 Fastest Bird in the World Swift
31 Smallest Bird in the World Humming Bird
32 Tallest Building in the World BurjKhalifa
33 Costliest City in the World Singapore
34 Smallest Continent Australia
35 Biggest Country(Area) in the World Russia
36 Deepest Lake in the World Baikal (Siberia)
37 Hottest Place in the World Death Valley, California, USA
38 Biggest Planet Jupiter
39 Brightest Planet Venus
40 Smallest Planet Mercury
41 Rainiest Place in the World Mausinram (Meghalaya, India)
42 Brightest Star Sirius
43 Lowest body Water in the World Dead Sea

List of Biggest, Highest, Largest, Longest & Deepest in India

S.No Type Place
1 Longest river Ganges
2 Longest tributary river of India Yamuna
3 Longest river of the south India Godavari
4 Longest Road in India Grand Trunk Road
5 State with longest coastline in India Gujarat
6 Longest tunnel in India Chenani-Nashri Tunnel (Jammu & Kashmir)
7 Longest national highway in India NH-7 which runs from Varanasi to Kanyakumari
8 Longest Dam in India Hirakund Dam (Orissa)
9 Longest River Bride in India Bhupen Hazarika Bridge
10 Longest Railway Platform Gorakhpur (Uttar Pradesh)
11 Longest Populated City in India Mumbai
12 Longest river which forms estuary in India Narmada
13 Longest Beach in India Marina Beach, Chennai
14 Largest Museum in India Indian Museum
15 Largest Desert in India Thar desert
16 Largest State (Area) in India Rajasthan
17 Largest forest state in India Madhya Pradesh
18 Highest Dam in India Tehri Dam
19 Highest Award in India Bharat Ratna
20 Highest Gallantry Award in India Paramveer Chakra
21 Highest sports award in India Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna
22 Highest Battle field in India Siachin Glacier
23 Smallest State (Area) in India Goa
24 Smallest State (Population) in India Sikkim
25 Largest lake (Fresh water) Wular lake
26 Largest Mosque Jama Masjid, Delhi
27 Highest Airport KushokBakulaRimpochee Airport
Largest Populated City Mumbai (1.60 crore)
Largest Museum National Museum, Kolkata
Largest Delta Sunderban Delta, W.Bengal
Largest Dome GolGumbaz, Bijapur (karnataka)
Largest Zoo Zoological Gardens, Alipur, Kolkata
Largest Man – made Lake GovindVallabh Pant Sagar (Rihand Dam)
Largest Desert Thar (Rajasthan)
Highest Tower Pitampura Tower, Delhi
Smallest State (Population) Sikkim
Highest Waterfall Gersoppa Waterfall (Karnataka)
Longest Electric Railway Line From Delhi to Kolkata via Patna
Densest Populated State West Bengal
Largest Cave Temple Kailash Temple, Ellora (Maharashtra)
Largest Animal Fair Sonepur (Bihar)
Highest Gateway BulandDarwuza, FatehpurSikri (Agra)
Biggest Hotel Oberoi-Sheraton (Mumbai)
Longest River Ganges
The Longest Tributary River of India Yamuna
The longest River of the South Godavari
Highest Mountain Peak Godwin Austin (K2)
Largest Lake (Fresh Water) Wular Lake (Kashmir)
Highest Dam Bhakra Dam (Punjab)
Largest Mosque Jama Masjid, Delhi
Longest Road Grand Trunk Road
State with Longest Coastline Gujarat
Longest Railway Route From Jammu & Kashmir)
Longest National Highway NH – 7 which runs from Varansi to Kanyakumari
Longest Dam HIrakud Dam (Orissa)
Longest River Bridge Mahatma Gandhi Setu, Patna

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