Mother's Day Essay For Students - Mother's Day 2022

My Mother and Mother's Day Essay For Students. My Mother and Mother's Day Essay is important for exams who are studying in High school and College
Mother's Day Essay For Students - Mother's Day 2021

My Mother is My Life

Mother is such a beautiful word that fills everyone with emotions. The mother's love for her child cannot be compared with anything. Their role is tremendous in the upbringing of a child. In every step of my life, she supported me and encouraged me. Whether day or night she was always available for me no matter what the condition is. Moreover, her every work, persistence, devotion, dedication, conduct is an inspiration for me. She is the essence of truthfulness, love, and care. She showers her family with her blessings and love. She gives us everything but never demands anything in return.

She rises before any other member rises from the family and goes to bed last of all. Her love is not just for the family but she treats every stranger and animal the same way she did to me. Whenever I was in trouble or scolded by my dad I run towards my mother and she is the only one who can save me from others. When I was afraid of the dark she would become my light and guide me in darkness. If I can't sleep at night she would hold my head on her lap until I fell asleep.

She rises before any other member rises from the family and goes to bed last of all. A mother sacrifices her happiness for her children.

A mother is a gem in an individual's life. She is the ultimate source of happiness for her family. Her contributions are too great to imagine.

"A mother is the one who can take the place of all others but whose place no one can take."

Mother's Day Essay or My Mother Essay

Fourteen years ago, I was born into a middle-class family in a small village named Kakatpur in the Puri district. The village is now the district of Jagatsinghpur. My father is an IAS officer posted at the Collectorate, Puri. So, we live in the city of Puri.

My mother Smt Subhasmita Nayak is a middle-aged woman. She is forty-two. She always likes to wear red sarees. With her fair complexion and a dot of vermilion on her forehead, she looks like a goddess.

She is smart and agile. She shoulder all the responsibilities of our family. She is a loving and caring mother. We are two brothers and one sister. I am the eldest child of the family. Apart, we have our grandmother who is on the wrong side of eighty. My mother takes care of all of us and remains busy doing all the housework.

She is a Software Engineer but she did not like to be a service holder. On the other hand, she preferred to be a housewife lest we should be neglected.

She is pious and kindhearted. Every morning after having a bath, she goes to the nearby temple for offering puja to Lord Shiva. She gives the money in small coins to the beggars present in the temple yard. No beggars returns from our house empty-handed. She gives them food to eat and clothes to wear.

After her return from the temple,  she prepares a tiffin for everybody in the house. She pays special attention to my granny. She offers her a cup of tea in the morning. She sees that my granny takes her bath comfortably. After she offers her short prayer to God, my mother brings her breakfast and sits beside her till she finishes it to her satisfaction.

She then cooks food for all of us so that the father will go to his office and us to our school on time. In the afternoon she prepares refreshments for us. She also tidies up the rooms and furniture. After we return from school she serves us with the refreshment prepared earlier.

In the evening she prays to God along with us. She tells us stories from the Mahabharat and the Ramayana and inspires us with the ideals of the heroes. She also helps us with our lessons and homework.

At 10 p.m. she serves us supper. She makes the bed for us and for granny. After everybody else goes to bed, she goes to hers after bolting tip doors and windows of the house.

She loves me much. She protects me from dangers and wishes that I should do very in my studies. She also wants to see me grow up into a good soul and occupy a high position in public life. Her affection towards me and the other members of our family is ineffable. To me, she is a goddess showering her love and kindness to me.