Essay On Women Empowerment In India

Essay on Women Empowerment in India [PDF], Women occupy an important place in society. Their role in shaping the family and society can't be ignored.
Essay On Women Empowerment In India

Women occupy an important place in society. Their role in shaping the family and society can't be ignored. Women empowerment means giving lawful power or authority to women.

It is an essential step for the all-around development of both women and the nation. This slogan refers to the social, political, economic, educational, physical, and psychological empowerment of women.

Indian women have been victims of oppression, exploitation, and domination for a long time. In ancient Indian society, women were treated like goddesses and they were given due honor. In modern society, women occupy an inferior status to men.

It is said that 'God lives in a place where women are worshipped. If the women are often in grief, a nation never prospers. In our society, women have been looked down upon and treated as inferior to men in comparison to rights, privileges, and powers, so their status has gradually been declined.

The women are under the control of their parents in their childhood, their husbands in their youth, and their children in their old age. Today they are denied the right of inheritance and ownership of their parental property.

The rapid changes have been taking place in the status of women in India after independence. Our constitution lays down that our women shall enjoy equal rights and privileges with men in the field of education, employment, politics, and defense. Article 39 of the Indian constitution provides equal pay for equal work on the ground of sex.

Gandhiji found no difference between man and woman. The development and progress of a nation depend on women. Women need to be empowered to take their rightful place in on equal footing with men.

They need to be liberated from oppression and exploitation. Empowering women with economically and productive work will enhance their contribution to agriculture, industry, trade education, and society. Empowering women with equal political participation will enhance their contribution to socio-economic development.

Legal empowerment will enable them to be aware of the different legal provisions related to their protection. Technological empowerment will certainly enhance their capability.

Finally, educational empowerment will provide them with their inner potentiality and capability. It will enhance their capability to acquire new knowledge in decision making. Empowering women will ensure them better justice, better living, and a stable society.

Bharat Nirman or nation-building slogan won't be possible without the empowerment of women. education willingness and Awareness, encouragement from the society will tribute the empowerment of women in India.