Essay on My Village - My Village Essay For 10th Class

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Essay on My Village - My Village Essay For 10th Class

My Village Essay: India is the land of the village. About 80% OF People in India live in villages. I live in a village that stands on the bank of the Devi river. its name is shikhara which is under the Nagaon block of Jagatsinghpur district. There is a Radhakrishna temple on the river bed. A big banyan tree stands by the Radhakrishna temple with steps going down into the river. In summer people sit and sleep here for a long time. The villagers are love to celebrate festivals. They celebrate various types of festivals known as Rajo, Dushera, kumara Purnima, Kartika Purnima(boat festival), Holi, Dola Purnima, Raksha Purnima, etc. During the Rajo festival, they play Doli and various types of cakes and pan. In Dushera we pray Devi Durga. In kumara Purnima, all un unmarried girls celebrate wearing new dresses. In Kartika Purnima, all people remember the Sadhaba sons by floating the boats. In Holi, people play Holi using various colors.

Whenever there is any dispute in our village, the sarpanch solves it by convening meetings. There is a high school, up to school, minor school, and an Anganwadi in our village. Most of the villagers are well-educated and well-behaving persons. There are a clubhouse and a library in our village. The members of the club get together every evening in the clubhouse after their day's hard work. They enjoy themselves playing different indoor games. They also discuss the welfare of our village. Women of our villages are well-educated and well-mannered persons. we call them homemakers because they manage everything carefully.

There are schools and collage to educate the people, a dispensary to treat their illnesses, and a panchayat office and an electrical substation to look to their interests.

Thus we have all the amenities of decent living in our village. Therefore our village is an ideal one and I am really proud to belong to such a village.