Character Can Achieve Everything - How to build character.

Character: If all this will be true in case of our not having enough character, equally true will be the opposite of these if we have enough character
Character Can Achieve Everything

If all this will be true in case of our not having enough character, equally true will be the opposite of these if we have enough character. Granted enough character, our strength will be more than our weakness, fortunes greater than misfortunes, woes less than weal, our present, and future more glorious than our past. Read: How To Build Character?

Granted enough character, our friends will be more powerful than our enemies, peace more than war, healing more than killing. Granted enough character, our trains will run on time, factories will produce more goods than expected; industries will flourish in peace and plenty; fields will yield more crop than expected.

Granted enough character, our places of worship will be holy sanctuaries for refreshing the soul, our temples of learning will be places of pilgrimage where man-making education is received. Granted enough character, our dams will hold floods, our bridges will be bonds of enduring friendship, and our high roads will be durable conveyance taking us to our destination.

Granted enough character, our corporate bodies will work like single organisms, our roads will be like tidy courtyards, and offices like places of sacrifice. Granted enough character, our leaders will be like what Rama was to Lakshmana, our priests will be like sages, and our businessmen venerable trustees of the society. 

Granted enough character, as students, we will have the intelligence to see that the real issue on hand for us as students is to conserve our energy, study well, build up our physical, mental, and spiritual strength and fully equip ourselves for the struggle for existence. We will then easily see through the game of people trying to use us for their purpose at the cost of our life's interest.

Granted enough character, young men and women will be full of grace, dignity, and self-control, staying youthful to advanced age, and old people will become things of beauty to see. Granted enough character, our culture will be sweetness and light, art revelation of God the beautiful, and literature a high endeavor for self-expression and transcendence.

Granted enough character, our secular- tv will not be distinguishable from our spirituality, and our spirituality will be as spontaneous as our breathing. Granted enough character, we will see the world as it is. We will not waste time in negativism but engage our- selves in heroic self-effort for self-lifting and for the lifting of fellow human beings.

Granted enough character, in our society will prevail more amity and peace, concord and harmony than quarrel and agitation, unrest and violence. Granted enough character, our homes will be like hermitages, our families like symphonies, and our children like flowers on the altar. Granted enough character, our adversities will be seedbeds of prosperity, our outer affluence will be opportunities for gaining inner affluence, and our miseries will be givers of the boon of true education. Granted enough character, our faces will shine, eyes sparkle, our hearts will bubble with hope, our minds will be full of firm convictions, and our soul scintillating with joy supreme.