Essay on Travelling: Travelling Essay in English For Students

Read travelling essay in the English language. Read here essay on travelling for students of Classes 1 to 12. Travelling Essay for Indian Students
Essay on Travelling : Travelling Essay in English For Students

Essay on Travelling: Thanks to the great strides made in the fields of science and technology, the world today seem to be a global village where interactions among people have become easy.

In the very old times, the man remained confined to his own place and sometimes went to the neighboring places when required. But with the growth of civilization, the complexities of life increased, which made it necessary for man to keep contact with people living abroad. Owing to inventions of petrol, diesel, and steam engines, man could go to distant places by trains, cars, airplanes, and ships.

Modern life is such that it cannot remain in one place for long. Modes of transport help him a lot to travel to different places with ease and facility. He is no more required to take pains to go on foot or by bullock carts. He can now fly like a bird with all comforts and enjoyment. People travel from one place to another for various purposes. Businessmen travel in the interest of promoting their trades. Students go abroad on educational tours to acquire knowledge and to get higher education. Some people travel to distant places to see their relatives and their kith and kin. Some travel for a change of climate and for the recuperation of their lost health. The bracing air of hill stations brings about a sea change in their health condition. Some regain their consciousness and lost memory living for some days in the lovely lap of nature. There are still some people Who travel to see different places and acquire practical knowledge about the lifestyle of the people living there.

Some travel to attend political meetings and conferences, while others travel for the sake of religion. They go abroad and distant places in their own country on pilgrimage.

Viewed from an education standpoint, traveling has a great value. Books of travel tell us of various beautiful places, their people, and topography. A visit to these places brings us in direct contact with the objects about which we learn from books. Thus learning becomes effective. A thing learned from the books may be forgotten. But if it is experienced in real life, its memory is ingrained in the mind. It is really very interesting to see the people, the rivers, the mountains, lakes, seas, waterfalls, animals, and trees of different parts of the world. They present before us a wide variety of forms and colors, of the objects of nature and the lifestyles of the people. Our knowledge about the world is broadened. The international relationship becomes stronger. Ties of fellow feeling and affinity bind people of different parts of the globe together.

Travelling makes the world look smaller, in trains, airplanes, and ships we find the people of other countries sitting beside us. sharing our feelings.

History tells us about many travelers whose reports of travel inspire us all. In modern times for the purpose of establishing political, cultural, and commercial relationships among the different countries of the world, long travels to different countries are undertaken.

Travelling has also a great value from a health point of view. There are some places in the world which are good for health. To improve health people go to these places. Traveling in foreign lands gives us great pleasure. It is also a pleasure to visit places of pilgrimage in foreign lands. Thus traveling serves a very useful purpose for all those who travel.