Essay on My First Day At School in English

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Essay on My First Day At School in English

Years ago a good many events happened in my life. Now I don't remember them all, but the memory of one event is still green in my mind. It is my first day at school. It was the 5th of July 2013. The results of my admission test had been out and I had come second on the merit list.

The school I was going to get in was S.J.S. School, Puri. It was a big school and its teachers were all learned. I felt a bit nervous to think of joining such a school. But my parents consoled me.

They said I would get playmates my age at school. The teachers were all kind and loving. At this, I felt encouraged and got over my fears to some extent.

At 9 a.m. I was ready with my clothes on to start school. My father took me to the school. The headmaster received us with a smile. Father introduced me to him and I paid my respect to him by touching his feet.

He fondly asked me my name and wished me success in life. He asked the teacher in charge of admission to put my name on the attendance register for class IV on receipt of all dues. Then a peon took me to class IV and seated me on the front bench.

At 10.20 a.m. a bell rang. The pupils from all classes came out to the prayer ground and stood in rows with their uniforms on to say their prayer. All the teachers, as well as the headmaster, were present there. It was a splendid sight for me.

In the first period, our class teacher taught us arithmetic. He asked me some questions and I answered them correctly. He was delighted to find that I had a good standard in arithmetic. In the second period, our English teacher taught us the English alphabet. I could pick them up quickly. He was also pleased with me. In the recess when I came out to the field, most of my classmates smiled their greetings at me. They played with me and became my friends. The day passed happily.

School over, I came out of my classroom. I was glad to see my father at the gate and he took me back home. On the way, he asked a volley of questions about the school and the teachers. He was glad to know that I had begun to love the school. Back home I narrated all my pleasant experiences of the day to my mother and she was happy with it. I shall remember this day all my life.